About Us


Our club was formed in 2007. Currently we have approximately 12 to 15 members, consisting of mostly families.

The size (or scale) we build to is a ratio of 1.6:12, or rather 1.6 inches is equal to 1 scale foot. The gauge (distance between the rails) is 7½”. With this size and gauge, a person is able to ride on the train quite comfortably. Railroad cars and larger locomotives are fitted with chairs and/or seat cushions. Some railroad cars are strictly scale models that are not necessarily meant to be ridden.

How the equipment is powered may vary. Some locomotives are all-electric and run off a rechargeable battery system. Others are hydrostatic driven with internal combustion motors as power plants. And finally, fully operational scale-replica steam locomotives can burn coal, fuel oil, or propane to heat water into steam.

 Shay Park

Is located in Saratoga Springs Utah, it will comprise of 12 acres. The park will have a pavilion-playground-restrooms-two multi purpose playing fields-walking trails. The main feature is the abandoned railroad grade from the Salt Lake and Western Railroad (Union Pacific Fairfield branch) The Main Attraction will be the 7.5″ gauge 1.6″ scale railroad consisting of 2 loops of track with a lenght of 2,500′. Construction started in June 2015 and will be completed in Spring 2016. It is our goal to have track and trains operating in the summer or early fall of 2016.

We will keep you updated.




Contact information – Mike Hansen (801-798-0241) e-mail: utahlivesteamers@gmail.com